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Study at Asiri Academy of Health Sciences

Supercharge your career in Nursing and Medical Lab Tech with our Foundation Program at Asiri Academy.

The Foundation in Health Sciences program is meticulously crafted to equip students with fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for pursuing higher education in the healthcare sector. The realm of health sciences serves as a gateway to becoming a proficient healthcare professional on an international scale, and the Asiri Academy of Health Sciences Foundation in Health Sciences serves as a pivotal steppingstone toward achieving this goal. This program offers eight comprehensive modules encompassing English, Health Sciences, Organizational Skills, and Information Technology, ensuring a well-rounded education.

Entry Requirements
  • GCE O Level or equivalent
  • 5 Credits including Mathematics
  • Credit in either one (1) any subject in Science/Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Applied Science
  • 3 Credits in any other subjects
List of Modules

No Code Semester Module Credits
1 FENG101 1 General English 15
2 FBIO012 1 Introduction to Biology and Biochemistry 15
3 FINT013 1 Introduction to Information Technology 15
4 FMET014 1 Medical Terminology 15
5 FAPH021 2 Human Anatomy and Physiology 15
6 FCOM022 2 Communication in Health Care 15
7 FCUL023 2 Cultural diversity in Health Care 15
8 FTLD024 2 Teamwork and Leadership 15
Course Fees

The course fee structure is as follows:

Registration fee – Rs 25,000/=

Payment at the beginning of Semester 1 – Rs 240,000/=

Payment at the beginning of Semester 2 – Rs, 240,000/=

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The Nursing Diploma offered by AAHS is a comprehensive three-year programme where students follow the NVQ level 6 Nursing curriculum approved by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) and National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA).

The three-year course, which is conducted in English, comprises structured learning modules coupled with mandatory practical training to provide students with the skills, behaviours and attitudes needed to be a fully-fledged general nurse.

In the first year, students learn about the Main Principles of Nursing along with mandatory practical training on the fundamentals of nursing. The 2nd and 3rd years of the programme focus on more advanced nursing procedures through clinical and practical training on certain key disciplines such as surgical and EMT, psychiatric nursing, palliative care, obstetrics and gynaecology and paediatric nursing. AAHS being part of the largest private healthcare provider in the Country, nursing students benefit from practical exposure at one or more of the Asiri Health hospitals.

Program Details

As per the NVQ Operation Manual, the minimum number of credits required for NVQ level 06 is 120. One credit is equal to 25 notional hours.
The curriculum can be shared on request.

List of Modules
No. Name of Module No. of credits
1 Fundamentals of Nursing 60
2 Ward Management 2
3 Information Technology 2
4 First Aid 2
5 Pediatric 12
6 Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing 12
7 Medical & Surgical Nursing 42
8 Geriatric Care 5
9 Pharmacology II 2
10 Research in Nursing 2
11 Microbiology 2
12 Community Health 3
13 Psychology 2
14 Sociology 1
15 Nutrition 3
16 Pathology 1
17 Psychiatric Nursing 3
18 Anatomy and Physiology 8
19 Professional Adjustment 1
20 General Science 1
21 Pharmacology I 1
22 Advancing Career Skills 10
23 History & Trends in Nursing 1
24 Palliative Care 2
Total 180
Post Qualification Outcomes

On successful completion of the program, students will have the opportunity to be employed at Asiri Health as a general nurse, or work in a private sector hospital in Sri Lanka, should they wish to do so. The students will also be eligible to apply for the private sector nursing registration through the Private Health Services Regulatory Council (PHSRC).
From an academic viewpoint, many students who complete the course qualify to apply for a Bachelor of Nursing ‘top-up’ degree.

Upon the completion of this program, students will have the opportunity to apply for employment at Asiri Port City Hospital.

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At AAHS, we offer nationally accredited modules in the Caregiver program to ensure that students are given adequate knowledge and skills to be a qualified and competent caregiver. The theory and practical hours are delivered by skillful and qualified tutors and delivered at the AAHS lecture halls and skill labs.

  • Maintain the relationship with the client
  • Attend domestic affairs of the client
  • Prepare living area of the client
  • Maintain personal hygiene and appearance of the client
  • Maintain nutrition of the client
  • Provide drug treatment
  • Check and record vital signs
  • Care of an elderly person
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Program Details

This nationally recognized program is offered to students who have completed the NVQ Level 4 or have 3 passes in GCE Advanced Level and wish to pursue a career as a Medical Laboratory Technician.

Entry requirements
  • AL 3 passes in Science OR NVQ 3 qualification with 1 year work experience
List of Modules
No. Name of Module Level
1 Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry 5
2 Introduction to Medical Laboratory Practice 5
3 Health & Safety Requirements in Medical Laboratory 5
4 Biochemistry I – Chemical Pathology Testing 5
5 Diagnostic Microbiology – Microbiology Testing 5
6 Parasitology and Entomology 5
7 Clinical Hematology I 5
8 Clinical Hematology II 6
9 Biochemistry II – Miscellaneous Body Fluids and Some Other Specialized Investigations 6
10 Chemical Biochemistry III – Investigations of Gastrointestinal and Endocrine Disorders 6
11 Histopathology and Cytology 6
12 Molecular Diagnostics 6
13 Quality Assurance and Monitoring 6
Employability Modules in Level 5 & 6
No. Name of Module Level
1 Workplace Information Management 5
2 Workplace Communication Management 5
3 Scanning and Scheduling Work at Workplace 5
4 Problem Solving and Decision Making 6
5 Teamwork and Leadership 6
6 Mediation & Maintenance of a Learning Culture 6
Post Qualification Outcomes

On completion of the program, students will be eligible to apply for PHSRC registration and be employed in a private sector hospital.
A pathway to gain the registration from the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) has been considered by the Sri Lankan government, however not been implemented thus far.

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The NVQ 3 Phlebotomy program offered by AAHS is a 3 month certificate course which ill give students skills and knowledge to work in the health care setting as a competent phlebotomist. At AAHS, we provide our phlebotomy students with the necessary hands-on experience to ensure that students achieve the desired learning outcome.

Entry requirements
  • A/L 2 simple passes in Science
Basic Modules
No. Name of Module
1 Basic Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Physiology
2 Phlebotomy unit layout and inventory
3 Client care in Phlebotomy unit
4 Sample Collection
5 Post sampling procedure
6 Infection Control
Employability modules
No. Name of Module
1 Communication skills for workplace
2 Calculation & Basic Sciences
3 Teamwork
4 Occupational health and safety procedures and practices
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The Medical Laboratory Assistant program (NVQ 3) is a 3 month short course which will give students the knowledge and skills to support Medical Laboratory Technicians in the Lab environment.

This program is a nationally recognized program and is offered to students who wish to gain the skills to work as a Medical Laboratory Assistant.

Entry requirements
  • 5 passes in Ordinary Level (which includes Science and Mathematics)
List of Modules
No. List of Competency Units Level
1 Carryout hygienic practices of a medical laboratory 3
2 Arrange medical laboratory for sample testing 3
3 Perform pre-analytical and post-analytical activities for medical laboratory testing 3
4 Identify consumables requirements 2
5 Carry out waste disposal procedure 3
6 Practice workplace communication and interpersonal relations Basic
7 Apply occupational literacy and numeracy Basic
8 Work in teams Basic
9 Practice occupational health and safety measures Basic
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Our Study Centres

Students can pursue their studies at our Colombo or Kandy study centre facilities within our hospital premises, offering flexibility and accessibility.

Asiri Medical Hospital
181 Kirula Road
Colombo 05

Asiri Hospital Kandy
907 Peradeniya Road

Asiri Hospital Galle
Wackwella Road