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Affordable Excellence: Embracing Australian Education in Multi Cultural Malaysia

UoW Malaysia Pathway

Our program opens doors to a UoW Malaysia Diploma, complemented by official recognition in Malaysia. This isn’t just about acquiring top-tier skills; it’s about earning recognition endorsed by healthcare regulatory authorities. Asiri Academy becomes your launchpad for a thriving career, setting the stage for impactful contributions and professional growth. Our partnership with the esteemed University of Wollongong (UoW) further underscores the quality of education you’ll receive. UoW, ranked 16th in Australia and within the top 1% globally, ensures your journey is backed by a reputable institution that values excellence on an international scale.

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Diploma in Nursing

Course Code: R3/723/4/0041 (04/27) MQA/FA 2533

This program encouraged the development of the knowledge, skills and professional attitudes of a registered nurse. You will be exposed to the concepts of health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation through nursing care management. Different nursing procedures will be introduced to you allowing an understanding of the individual, family and illness and dealing with the person as an individual. You learn how to identify the activities of daily living to treat and prevent complications.

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